Anchor Pin Bushings

The tight-tolerance low cost alternative to machined Class 7 and 8 truck bushings

Our precision process to manufacture bushings designed to be press fit into a bore meet and exceed industry quality standards.

Tight-tolerance anchor pin bushings from Stripmatic offer:

  • SPI's proprietary process allows us to produce the industry's roundest and most consistent OD tolerance of all wrapped tube bushings
  • These bushings meet all of the OE design specifications and are ideal for consistent and repeatable installation efforts for either high volume production runs or fleet MRO work
  • Chamfered lead edges align the bushings in the bore of the hole for clean press fit
  • OD tolerance varies less than .002" which correlates to smooth and consistent installation and no galling

Tight Tolerances

  • Torque plate bushings, anchor pin bushings and cam shaft bushings are all going to have exceptional roundness for quick and error free installation

Cost Savings

  • The labor intensive "sizing" of anchor pins that was necessary when galling occurred during bushing installation has been totally eliminated by developing the exceptional roundness and OD control
  • Stamped or "wrapped" bushings are half the price of machined bushings

Solid Experience - Fast Response

  • Quick prototype and sample turnaround
  • Exceptional track record for quick response time on quality issues
  • EDI and CAD technical support
  • Inventory control using customer-based inventory management systems
  • Over 60 years of wrapped tube technical support
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