Conveyor Chain Bushings

The tight-tolerance low cost alternative to machined or cold headed bushings

Tight-tolerance low cost conveyor bushings from Stripmatic offer:

  • Carbon and alloy steels to achieve engineered surface hardness and tensil strength
  • Repeatable and consistent press fit efforts into side plates
  • Machine chamfers when bushing length is critical
  • Notches, lead edges, and access holes and features that can be done in-process to eliminate secondary operations

Tight Tolerances

  • OD tolerance control assures consistent and repeatable press fit
  • Wall thickness tolerance and concentricity will provide improved pitch measurement
  • Machined lengths will provide accurate side plate and roller clearance
  • Will not create burrs when properly press fit into side plate bore

Cost Savings

  • Roll edge chamfers are an excellent cost savings option if a machined chamfer is not required
  • Notches and access holes can be made "in-process" to eliminate secondary operations
  • Shorter lead times will reduce inventory costs
  • Tubing prices tend to be more volatile than strip steel prices

Solid Experience - Fast Response

  • Quick prototype and sample turnaround
  • Exceptional track record for quick response time on quality issues
  • EDI and CAD technical support
  • Inventory control using customer-based inventory management systems
  • Over 60 years of wrapped tube technical support
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