Headrest Tubes - case study

Designed to meet strict industry standards

Stripmatic Products introduced wrapped tube design for automotive head rest tube applications in 1999 on the Ford U-152 (Explorer platform) and the D-186 (Taurus platform). We collaborated with design engineers at Lear Corp to satisfy all of the test requirements needed to meet strict industry standards. Stripmatic’s wrapped tube process allows notches & punched features to be done “in-process” eliminating costly secondary operations that were required to make the same out of cut off tubes.

Wrapped tube design yields greater consistency

Another significant improvement that SPI offered was to make the head rest adjustment much more consistent and repeatable. The previous cut tube version of the head rest tubes had four times the ID variation than Stripmatic’s stamped or wrapped version of the head rest tubes. Adjustment efforts ranged from too stiff to too sloppy before the conversion to wrapped tubes which created a consistent and repeatable level of effort. Together, these improvements resulted in more than a 50% cost savings from the previous design and greatly improved the consistency of the adjustment efforts which eliminated a chronic quality issue.

Solid Experience - Fast Response

  • Quick prototype and sample turnaround
  • Exceptional track record for quick response time on quality issues
  • EDI and CAD technical support
  • Inventory control using customer-based inventory management systems
  • Over 60 years of wrapped tube technical support
Headrest Tubes Illustration
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