Suspension Inners

The tight-tolerance alternative to cut-off tube suspension bushings

Meeting and exceeding tight-tolerance bushing specifications is where wrapped-tube fabrication excels over cut-off tube alternatives.

Tight-tolerance suspension bushings from Stripmatic offer:

  • 100% guaranteed closed seams to eliminate seepage during molding
  • Flat and parallel machined ends for a complete seal to prevent seepage into the ID
  • Dimpled feature to reduce weight and maintain ID dimension
  • Inner sleeves that meet or exceed engineered / designed axial load requirements

Tight Tolerances

  • Machined-ends for a 100% mold seal-off
  • Proprietary high-speed end finishing process yields +/- .003" on the length tolerance for a typical suspension sleeve
  • Meet and exceed axial load strength requirements
  • Improved concentricity and ID tolerances for increased molding thru put

Cost Savings

  • Most features are performed "in-process" vs costly secondary operations (dimples, serrations, lead-edges, notches and holes)
  • Shorter lead times and faster manufacturing process over cut-off or machined tube parts
  • Very low tooling and engineering costs

Solid Experience - Fast Response

  • Quick prototype and sample turnaround
  • Exceptional track record for quick response time on quality issues
  • EDI and CAD technical support
  • Inventory control using customer-based inventory management systems
  • Over 60 years of wrapped tube technical support
Suspension Components Illustration
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