Weld Saddle

Precision Notched Adapter

Increase Quality & Productivity

Introducing the Weld-Saddle from Stripmatic Products, Inc/ The consistent and economical way to weld high volume tube assemblies quickly. The Weld-Saddle slips over the tube end to form the correct radius and "tee" angle. Its precise, pre-notched adapters mate the tube end to a tube O.D. Improve your weld line throughput and weld quality with the Weld-Saddle pre-notched precision adapter.

Weld Saddle - case study

The “Weld Saddle” proved to be a significant cost savings for a tier one supplier of dash board frames and Instrument Panels (IP’s). The customer’s application required a section of tubing with multiple bends to be welded to another long section of tube and some smaller sections of tubing where the coped end would be welded around the OD of the mating part. The customer had significant problems developing consistent bend radii and then matching the coped end to the OD of the mating tube. The customer had frequent weld defects from the mismatch of the coped end to the OD of the mating tube and this slowed the assembly rates down considerably. The addition of Stripmatic’s Weld Saddles mated the radii perfectly to the OD of the mating tubes and eliminated the chronic weld defects, the need for 100% inspection and more than doubled the process thru put!

Cost Savings

Reduce your overall costs and have Stripmatic quote the robotic welding on your split tube assemblies. Stripmatic maintains robotic weld cells with TIG welders and now offers plasma welding as well. Increase your efficiency and have your high volume split tube assemblies delivered complete with a bracket, flange or weld nut. Send us your assembly drawings to review and quote.

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  • Quick prototype and sample turnaround
  • Exceptional track record for quick response time on quality issues
  • EDI and CAD technical support
  • Inventory control using customer-based inventory management systems
  • Over 60 years of wrapped tube technical support
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